Party Invitations

“A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.” -Unknown

In my opinion, the invitation sets the tone for the whole party. The right invitation expresses the theme of the party. There are some wonderful pre-packaged invitations available, or you may choose to make your own.

If you have a child who is a budding artist, it’s fun to have the child provide the artwork for the invitation. I particularly like to do that for hard to find themes. My kids rarely chose easy to find themes! Have your child draw a picture on a regular sheet of copy paper. Don’t forget to have the artist sign and date the artwork! Reduce the artwork on a copier and print on the outside of your homemade invitations. You will only need to purchase the appropriate size envelopes.

Even when using purchased invitations, I enjoy writing small, personalized poems to include in the invitation. Think more Dr. Seuss than Robert Frost! Here’s a sample of a poem I wrote to include in an invitation when my son wanted a pool party in March:

When in March,
“Happy Birthday” we sing,
We cannot be sure what the weather will bring.
If it’s sunny and warm, we’ll go for a swim.
We’ll heat up the pool and all jump right in.
So bring swimsuit & towel if the sun’s out in force.
If it’s below seventy degrees,
we’ll stay dry, of course.
On all invitations, be sure to include:

• Date and day of the week of the party
• Beginning and ending times
• Name of the party child
• Occasion for the party
• Address of party location (I like to include a map.)
• Name of party location (If it is at your house, write that!)
• RSVP information
• If you expect a parent to attend with younger children, include that in the information.
Thank You Notes

My favorite thank you notes include a photo taken at the birthday party. You can either make your own note cards and stick a photo on the front of the cards, or you can include a photo inside a purchased card.


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