Party on a Budget

“A billion here, a billion there—sooner or later it adds up to real money.” Senator Everett Dirksen

You will find a variety of party ideas on this site. You will find a variety of costs associated with the party ideas on this site. That’s because we all have different household budgets. Please know that it is highly possible to party on a budget!

I am the first person to scale back on party plans when the cost is getting out of control. Maybe it’s because I have a not-so-secret crush on Dave Ramsey. Or maybe it’s just because I refuse to give up groceries in order to throw a party we really can’t afford. We like to eat and, let’s face it, families cannot live on leftover birthday cake alone!

A child’s birthday party is not a coronation. Do not feel guilty if you are unable to serve a full meal or provide “lovely parting gifts” to guests. Do not feel guilty if you cannot order a custom cake that could be featured in a magazine. This site is not meant to make you feel inadequate in any way. Take ideas and adapt the party themes to fit your needs.

Here are some tips on throwing a party without throwing the budget out the window:

•Send handmade invitations and thank you notes.
•Serve a homemade cake or cupcakes.
•Schedule the party for a time of day when you will not be expected to serve a meal.
•Invite fewer guests.
•Play simple games at home instead of having more elaborate activities.
•Stick to basic decorations.
•Instead of party bags, you could provide each guest will a candy bar or dollar store treat. There is no law that says you must provide favors.


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